Wint and Kidd is an Australian owned company with our  professional outsourcing office based in Manila, Philippines. Our goal is to provide all businesses the opportunity to regain their competitive edge by outsourcing business activities that can be systematised, are routine in nature, or are just too expensive to deliver in their current economy. 

At WK we believe that outsourcing or off-shoring should be used to help transform your business not necessarily just replace elements of it, we offer highly flexible solutions and work closely with our clients to determine which services are suitable for outsourcing and which should remain in house. 

Imagine being able to deploy new ideas with ease, try new concepts without it being cost prohibitive, redirect key members of your current team to high pay off activities and get the stuff that you wish you could afford to do – done!

We help you realize new business opportunities, with the deployment of skilled professionals. Our techniques for assisting you in managing your ideas and building your teams are fast, flexible and reliable. They enable you to create and distribute value to your customers.

What we do

IT Helpdesk

Most IT help desk systems fail because of rampant dependence on outdated manuals.  Although other help desk reps undergo training, they lack the knowledge and basic concept of the dynamics of information technology.  And this fact is the motivation behind WK IT help desk team.

Software Development

Today, more than ever, the allocation of time and technology can make or break a business. Whether its a software developed for your own company or for clients, this one question remains – is your company doing it fast enough?


Software Testing

At first glance, an impressive software interface can look absolutely perfect. And yet it can also have the most undesirable bugs that are invisible to the untrained eye. Any software can be amazing in theory but its functions and usability can only be determined efficiently by expert software testers.

Business Development

How do you grow your business? At WK we have remote staff trained in professional list building. you give us the target and we build it. If a business needs it qualified, no problems, put it in your database, easy, want appointments set from the list – just ask!

Appointment Setting For Sales Teams

Sales people are expensive and yet many businesses keep asking them to undertake low payoff activity. Keep your sales people in front of customers by utilizing our remote staff to make appointments and manage their calendars

Post Meeting CRM Entry

The post sales call CRM entry is one of the most powerful tools in business if administered correctly. So why don’t sales people treat this task with the respect it deserves? Because good sales people and typically poor administrators. WK’s team of outsourced professionals can take control and ensure that every entry into your system is timely and meaningful. We have a system, contact us for a discussion.

Database Cleaning and Management

A companies customer database should be the center of its universe, we know that contacts and customers constantly change their details and a good database will be 20% out of date after 12 months, however many businesses find the time and / or cost to maintain a database overwhelming. Regain control of your most important asset and leverage the information to grow your business with WK Outsourcing.

Service Work Reminder Management

For many businesses servicing instrumentation or equipment post the sale is the most profitable element of the transaction, yet many companies let this slide due to poor systems and follow up. WK Outsourcing will manage this process in a low cost environment to achieve better customer retention and increase company profits.

Customised Sales Support

Need a unique sales support solutions? We work with companies to optimise their sales teams, our solutions vary, however, our one constant is to remove low-payoff work from field sales people and get them in front of your customers. Call us today for a free consultation.

Wint and Kidd is the smart way to take care of your business activities without doing them yourself.

Your carefully vetted Wint and Kidd team members allow you to reclaim your time and reduce your costs

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What our clients say

Airmet Scientific has used WK Outsourcing for a number of years. We run a number of programs for sales support, marketing and service management. WK have implemented programs that have allowed us to concentrate on our core business while increasing our overall business efficiency.

Peter Shiels General Manager Sales @ Airmet Scientific

LegalSifter partnered with WK to provide turnkey artificial intelligence solutions for our customers.  We value their flexible approach, customer focus, and attention to detail.

Kevin Miller kevin@Legalsifter.com

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