A Day in the Life of Pazie: Appointment Setting Coordinator

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It’s not everyday that we get to do the things we enjoy. I’ve been in various countries and have worked in many industries in a range of roles but its the first time that I feel like my day begins and ends with a purpose.


Appointment Setting Pazie Punzalan


My day starts with a prayer to thank our Lord for a new day, more blessings and new opportunities. That’s the only routine I could  keep since moving a few miles from my parents. If I were at home, I’d probably wake up to a hearty breakfast but for now I prefer catching a fresh batch of pandesal from my favorite bakery on the way to work. The highlight of my day starts as I arrive at the office and enjoy a hot cup of mocha and fresh bread with my teammates.


Appointment Setting Team Wint and Kidd


It’s an entire day of communication, research, reports and meetings. I’ve been part of the team for almost a year now and nothing excites me more than the development in our account. We started with bits and pieces of procedures scattered everywhere but now it’s as if we’re just a few pieces away from solving this puzzle. Our processes and quality are improving almost every single day!


Appointment Setting Top Performer


Working in Wint and Kidd is more than just a day-in  and day-out routine to me.  Its a place where my potentials are encouraged and my achievements are recognised. I’m also a part of an initiative aimed at improving our appointment setting process.  As our team grows, along comes a range of opportunities that I am definitely looking forward to explore. After the day’s work, its now time for some R and R with friends and my special one.


appointment setting - chill time with lovie dovie-1


Hopefully, I can also get to spend some time with family over the weekend.



My life in Wint and Kidd isn’t all fun and games. It’s still as good as working for a living but unlike my previous jobs, I enjoy working here – with my teammates, with the clients I talk to everyday and with the obstacles that challenge me. I consider this opportunity as a blessing that gives me a sense of fulfillment – the kind that comes from a career that adds value to my purpose.