The Growth and Progress of WK Outsourcing Professional

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January 12, 2018

WK Outsourcing Professionals has almost doubled its size in the past year, thanks to a healthy flow of new accounts, projects and the organisation’s ability to adapt to changes. To accommodate this level of growth, the outsourcing company acquired another operations floor, complete with brand new equipment and facilities. And while the overall expansion is quite impressive, Wint and Kidd pursued an additional step as part of its business strategy for the coming year. The company has successfully launched a new organisational strategy to welcome 2018 with more progress.


Accounts and The People Behind It

At the start of 2017, WK is already thriving in a substantial number of client accounts with multiple projects.


Wint and Kidd Outsourcing Professionals wrapping up 2017. 

Wint and Kidd Outsourcing Professionals wrapping up 2017


Every day, busy hours typically start as early as 5-6 AM to accommodate Melbourne business hours where most clients are from. Staff, appointment setters, software developers and testers from all accounts continue to fill the production floor throughout the day. While all WK employees have the same cultural background, it’s fascinating to watch the difference between each account groups as they get busy. During peak hours, one of the groups debate about contract stipulations, descriptions and limitations over coffee and a few boxes of donuts, courtesy of their team leader.


The Contract Analysts group on their wacky side after a heated debate on identifying contract expiry with unspecified duration.

Wint and Kidd Contract Analysts
Wint and Kidd Contract Analysts and donuts


Some groups are thriving in constant laughter, group chats and sing-alongs. Other teams would seemingly stare blankly at their monitors if one’s not looking at their fingertips that stride effortlessly between a keyboard and a mouse. The groups in this company are definitely diverse and as they grow, its imminent to house similar groups in an environment that allows them to be more productive, hence the expansion last August.


Wint and Kidd had a festive celebration last August, launching a brand-new operations floor for the software development groups. The event was complete with ribbon cutting, a blessing ceremony, and a feast of local delicacy – whole roasted pig, stir-fried noodles, pork and chicken barbecues, rice and more!


Office blessing at the new operations floor with the Wint & Kidd team.Wint and Kidd Expansion


The new floor features three conference rooms, equipped with wide screen smart TVs, high fidelity speakers and communication devices. Fun has always been part of the WK culture, so its not surprising to have a game room that has various board games, bean bags and a big smart TV with a PS4 console. Right next to the game room is a spacious dining area where everyone enjoys complimentary rice and refreshments all day. And just like the pioneer production floor, this second one is also armed with CCTVs in key areas to protect everyone from outsiders and well, from themselves, one way or another. It was a fun-filled day but what’s more notable is the discipline that trained everyone in this outsourcing company to bounce back to work right after the event like nothing happened – everyone is so busy again. And that’s where it all started; an outsourcing culture that’s unique to Wint and Kidd. WK has just come full circle from culture to growth, development and back to where it started. But to usher more progress, this outsourcing team is aware of breaking away from the usual cycle and making some changes that will strengthen its business strategy.


A New Beginning

The demands brought by growth made restructuring an imminent business strategy.


This festive season was also a celebration of a company overhaul. Wint and Kidd Manila


Three years ago, Team Wint & Kidd started as a sales support group doing after-sales CRM-data entry for an industrial company based in Melbourne. The results from that team were so astounding that some businesses in Melbourne started picking up from this new venture. They are now one of the clients of Wint & Kidd apart from those coming from the US and UK. But it wasn’t easy. Growth comes with changes – people change, processes, businesses and everything around it also change. Sometimes there’s a need to give up a few extra limbs in exchange for a pair of wings. And after that, success is still not guaranteed. Constant diligence, teamwork and cutting-edge strategies will always be the requisites for the goals that this outsourcing company aspires for. They have come a long way from three years ago and this year, the journey continues…