About Wint & Kidd

While most outsourcing companies advertise their services based on price, we understand that the initial cost is not the full story. Saving 70% in labour costs and loosing 50% in productivity is only a net 20% gain!
We work with our clients with a net 50% gain on their current costs while holding or improving productivity.
Our model is based on delivering a quality service, not a person for you to manage. Undertaking work in a lower cost environment is only part of the puzzle and typically not where the real opportunity lies for SME’s.
Our preference is to work with our clients to transform their current business processes, innovate by introducing new systems and ultimately find new opportunities. Sometimes this involves us doing some local consulting work and even developing software.

A-Grade Facilities

Located in the heart of Metro Manila’s business district, Ortigas Centre, our office is easily accessed by public transportation which is critical to attracting the most talented workers. The modern building we occupy has 100% back up power system that ensures uninterrupted operations. We use a dedicated internet service plus a backup network to ensure maximum uptime and performance.

Maximum Performance

Like you, we are in the business of driving measurable results, and our business is only as good as the experience we provide for you; accordingly, we only recruit professionals who meet our strict criteria. We provide our team members with the latest technology including dual monitors for efficiency and IP phones with noise cancelling headsets to ensure background noise is eliminated.

Dedicated Offshore Team

Wint & Kidd can provide you with your own professional, full-time, dedicated remote staff without the headaches of HR management. Alternatively, WK is happy to roll up your requirements  into a package that we manage based on SLAs. You set the tasks and we make sure it is delivered. At WK we take care of all the office stuff to let you to concentrate on growing your core business with a great team in a low cost environment.

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