Appointment Setting by Wint & Kidd

This is the perfect solution to keep your sales people in front of customers, we work with our clients to set quality appointments for the sales team, manage their calendars and then input the meeting information into the CRM
· Email Invite/Phone Calls - Appointment setting for sales people including calendar management
· Audio Transcription - CRM entry from voice recordings and database update as needed
· Sales Manager activity reports for coaching
Appointment Setting Key Features
increase sales by wk ppc campaigns
· Increases the Sales Manager’s/Reps productivity by taking away administrative work
· Reduces the cost of acquiring customers by providing high quality sales appointment
· Optimises customer database to maximize face to face sales opportunities
· Ensures all CRM entries are timely and consistently entered
· Keeps the customer database up to date with new contacts and contact movements
· Provides Sales Managers with weekly report on sales team activities

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