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"My firm needed to quickly extract a significant amount of specific language from a massive body of contracts, in very short order. LegalSifter compiled, scrubbed, organized, queried and displayed the required data with unprecedented speed, efficiency, and accuracy. All told, their fine work allowed us to complete a critical project, both far ahead of schedule and on budget. This would simply not have been possible without such a highly capable team and an amazingly robust tool."

- Jeff, Digital First Media


Customer Testimonial


Digital First Media, a newspaper and media company with 66M+ readers, hired LegalSifter to extract and organize their procurement contracts for their new contract management software solution. Empowered with ContractSifter, Wint & Kidd, one of our service partners, sifted and sorted nearly 1,000 contracts and over 22,000 fields of data in 15 days.



Our machine learning algorithms: algorithms + people are stronger than either by themselves





Our fully trained Paralegal team are up to 80% faster in analysing bulk contracts due to rapid deployment and our unique system.


Our Artificial Intelligence tool acts as a checklist to ensure the nothing is missed. The system uses thousands of references for each clause being analysed to ensure accuracy.


The ContractSifter solution combined with our experienced team provides maximum benefits to our clients. You save up to 60% of cost and 100% of your business processing time.

Service Case Study

LegalSifter Delivers Full Solution for Extracting and Uploading Relevant Data from Active and Legacy Contracts into New Contract Management Software


After purchasing a new contract management software solution, Digital First Media, a media company with 66M+ readers, needed to quickly organize data from 1,061 active and legacy contracts so they could use their new system effectively. Given the volume of documents and the capacity constraints of their team to review and extract the information required in a reasonable timeframe, Digital First Media engaged LegalSifter’s ContractSifter Service to deliver a solution that would provide accurate, clean and organized data.


LegalSifter’s team worked with Digital First Media to identify 23 fields of data such as parties, addresses, renewal dates, termination for convenience clauses, and governing law, among others. With the help of one of its partners, Wint & Kidd, LegalSifter delivered the project in 15 business days, supplying all requested information. LegalSifter also de-duplicated 94 contracts in the sample.


Advanced AI Technology through ContractSifter

What is ContractSifter

ContractSifter is a unique product developed by our partners at Legal Sifter. It uses artificial intelligence to allow our team at Wint and Kidd to read contracts faster and find the information our clients need. This provides us with a second set of eyes to deep dive terms and conditions that may otherwise be missed in a contract. ContractSifter allows Wint and Kidd to clean contract data affordably, quickly, and with high quality. We estimate that this tool allows us to analyse contracts up to 80% faster than traditional processing when combined with our highly trained and rapidly deployable paralegal team.

Wint and Kidd offers the ContractSifter Service for clients who want to save on time and resources. We take care of the entire process and return your contract information cleaned, organised and duplicate-free.

What we solveWint and Kidd contract management system allows companies to reduce time and costs.


- Too many contracts to read and analyse

- Limited or no resources available to organise current contracts

- Have too much to do, not enough time, and a limited budget

- Concerned about hidden, unfavourable terms and conditions in contracts

- Urgent contracts analysis in support of a commercial opportunity, M&A transaction, or regulation change

- Contracts prepared for cloud-based hosting and tagging for interrogation

- Creating and managing your contract directory





Expert Paralegal Team by Wint and Kidd

Confidentiality and Security

Wint and Kidd in partnership with Legalsifter USA understands that the integrity and confidentiality of our customer's information are critical to their operations and our viability. LegalSifter use multiple strategies to protect customer's information, and are improving processes and tools to meet the ongoing and increasing demands of security. The primary strategy is to deploy the technology on and with the full support of Amazon Web Services ("AWS") – – the global leader in the cloud services market.

Wint and Kidd cannot download the contracts, only view them in the secure portal, where the analysis work is performed.

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