81% of buyers do online search
600 million Instagram users
78% product search coverts offline
30% of eCommerce are mobile sales

Search Engine Optimisation 

Websites used to only represent entities online but with the advent of search engines such as Google, Bing and others, these digital spaces became an effective tool in reaching target customers locally and internationally.  


Despite this development, there are still a lot of companies that are missing out on the benefits of a truly

efficient SEO.


Most businesses are lost in the pages of an SEO report showing words and numbers that do not reflect a discernible amount of growth in their business.  

"Only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their  conversion."

- Econsultancy, 2016


tools + data + strategy =


SEO Facts

Before big purchases are made, 81% of customers conduct an online search first.  

Only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion. 

70% of consumers visited a store found within 5 miles through local search.

78% of product search in nearby locations lead to off-line purchases.

The US ecommerce is composed of 30% mobile commerce.

A $92 customer acquisition budget results to a $1 conversion.


"Before big purchases are made, 81% of customers conduct an online search first."

- Retailing Today

WK solution



WK SEO utilizes comprehensive tools in gathering relevant data and implementing effective techniques to fully optimise your website for search activities. 

After gathering industry reports, we conduct a website audit to fully understand where your business stands in the digital arena. We will then make recommendations  that will improve the overall status of your website  and its search rankings. 

These steps are followed by an action plan with specific time frames and objectives. 


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1.86 billion Facebook users
600 million Instagram users
467 million LinkedIn users
72% of adults have Facebook

Our social media optimisation strategies target specific business objectives.



Social Media Optimisation 

Social Media is the part of the internet that has the ability to evade search engine implementations. No matter how efficient the SEO campaign is, its results will still not reflect in Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and others. 


Most social media platforms  are comparable to locked rooms in a house that only the room-occupants can enter into and use its facility - these occupants are the social media users.  


Given that most consumer groups are online for the sole existence of their Facebook account accessed through its app, executing a Social Media campaign is a logical course of action.


However, an income-generating type of social media campaign is more than just having an active social media page and posting in it. 

Social Media Facts

1.86 billion Facebook users are actively  using the site daily

72% of adult internet users have a Facebook account

63% of Facebook users utilize the site for information that are not about their family and friends

600 million people use Instagram actively

59% of Instagram users visit the platform daily and 35% visit several times in a day

28% of adult netizens use Instagram

467 million people have LinkedIn accounts

46% of college graduates use LinkedIn


"Social media consistently accounts for 30% of our paid revenue."

- Courtney Connell       

Marketing Director      


WK solution 



WK SMO uses a variety of social media AI tools to gather the right information that matches perfectly with its campaign objective. Some companies run a social media campaign that aims for brand awareness, some use the platform for a cause and some target customer acquisition and increased sales. We create campaigns according to the client's business goals and these goals determine our methods.  


Although we utilize an array of software, our expertise goes beyond social media tools and its uses. We understand the logic behind each data set generated by these tools and our expertise allows us to fully exploit these constantly changing information. 


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77% of customers are ok with ads
66% of people click on Google Ads
95% Google mobile ads
84% of social ads are from Facebook



PPC or online ads is the fastest route in building an online customer base. However, the kind of customers built using PPC depends on the quality of the ad itself. And the ad materials such as the catchy headline, some phrases and the images or videos do not define the overall quality of the ad - its merely just a portion of the bigger picture.


If SEO is designed to make your products and services easily discoverable by your target audience, PPC works at the other end of the spectrum. It is designed to look for your target customers and remind them that they need your products. Ideally, a PPC campaign is a tool that finds your customers and help them fall in love with the things you offer.


The idea of a good PPC campaign sounds simple and achievable. However, some ads fail to render any effect on the company and worse, some end up doing more harm than good.

"Be seen by those who matter"




PPC Facts

- 77% of online customers still wants to see ads, filtered according to their preference rather than completely blocking all ads

- 66% of people click on Google ads among search results when looking to buy an item.

- 95% of paid mobile search ads are from Google

- 82% of online customers closed a website or page due to an auto-playing video ad

- 84% of advertisers use Facebook for paid social media ads, followed by Google with 41% share and LinkedIn at 18%

"95% of paid mobile search ads are from Google"

- Business Insider, 2016


WK solution 




WK seamlessly integrates PPC campaigns with client goals by fully understanding their business, their goals and their industry. We conduct a comprehensive research and build a database that serves as the catalyst of the campaign's success. These information are diligently monitored and updated to ensure optimal results for each campaign. Aside from carrying out these methods, it is also important for us to set clear client expectations. 

We understand that a PPC campaign is an investment. We make sure our clients have a coherent comprehension of the process that takes place, the time frame and the status of the campaign in every step. 


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