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How do I choose an outsourced Filipino remote team member?

We will match your requirements with the skill sets of professionals and determine who is a good fit and is available to meet your time and scheduling needs. We will arrange for you to interview specifically for your individual needs. We only recruit college graduates with a degree in a discipline that is consistent with your requirements.

What level of communication can I expect from my Filipino outsourced professional?

While English is taught as a second language from childhood in the Philippines, all of our agents are college graduates who have focused great effort over many years to perfect their English communication skills and neutralize their accent to make it easier for Australians to communicate verbally and seamlessly with them. This rare talent they have developed gives them a tremendous advantage in succeeding with clients.

What hours will my remote team member work?

Usually team members work 6.30 am – 3 pm Manila time (which is 8:30 am to 5 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time) with a half hour break for lunch, which is great for them to avoid the infamous Manila traffic, however your remote staff member will work any hours that you require.

How and when will I be invoiced?

We pay your outsourced professional every 2 weeks. You will be invoiced once per month in advance in Australian dollars which will attract GST. This invoice needs to be paid within 7 days to ensure that your remote team member is remunerated correctly. At the end of each month you will be provided with a list of all the activities your employee has undertaken and this invoice makes adjustment for the actual hours worked. You will not be charged for sick or holiday leave taken. Overtime and working on a Philippine National holiday will attract an extra fee, however if you wish your outsourced agent to work on an Australian holiday and it is mutually exclusive to the Philippine holiday calendar then this will be at the standard rates.

How much can I expect to save by outsourcing?

We operate in the quality end of the employment talent pool. Our services are not designed for large companies looking to outsource 100’s of team members to engage in routine tasks. Typically the clients we engage with are looking to build small teams to undertake diverse work, which requires professionals that can think on their feet. When evaluating costs, productivity should be considered in equal weight to the hourly rate. Our rates are typically between $12 – $16 / hr depending on the skills required.

The professionals we recruit would typically command $60 – $80K per year ($30 – $40 / hr) plus on costs in Australia.

Who manages my outsourced professional?

This responsibility is shared between us. We do the upfront recruiting and on-boarding into the project management tools. We take care of all the local HR requirements including salary, health care and government withholding (which in the Philippines is quite complex). We use face recognition software that is linked to the team members’ computer IP address to accurately manage attendance. We have time management software to ensure that we get the best results from the team members. At the end of a project we take care of terminations. The client is responsible for instructing the remote staff member in their daily / weekly / monthly tasks, providing any specific training, setting KPI’s, determining reporting parameters and managing outcomes.

What office hardware is provided for my remote team member by WK?

We provide the remote team member with dual 24” monitors, latest computer hardware complete with Windows operating system and Office 365, an environment that is consistent with an office in Australia, including suitable desk space, an IP phone handset and a background noise cancelling headset to ensure voice traffic is crisp. We retain any information in a cloud hosted environment and contract privacy of information.

How do I communicate with my remote team member?

All team members are trained to use email, Skype, Drop Box, VOIP service, remote servers or other collaborative systems for communicating with clients both verbally and the transmission of data. We are also happy to be guided to a client’s preferences. We have video conferencing and a large training room that is available to book at anytime at no additional cost to you. We welcome clients who wish to visit our offices in Manila to provide face to face training of teams if a project is practically complex or they simply would like to visit the Philippines. 

What is the benefit of having office based outsourced professionals?

The biggest hurdle to overcome in the Philippines is the reliability of power and internet services. We do not engage in home based workers because we cannot guarantee these essential services when an agent is working from home. In the Philippines “Brown outs” are common, where power is shared over the grid, meaning that on a given day a location may be without power for up to 4 hours. This is a particular issue during summer. Further, where voice traffic is critical, using home grade internet services is problematic for speed, quality and productivity. In addition, background noise like babies crying, dogs barking or roosters crowing are common place in the suburbs of Manila let alone the provinces of the Philippines. Our office is located in a registered building for international corporations, meaning that by law the building must have guaranteed power 24/7 with backup generators. 

Can you assist us in getting our business ready for outsourcing?

Yes we can. We are really interested in business transformation in Australia. For us outsourcing is not about replacing Australian jobs with a Filipino work force, it’s about optimising each business and creating new efficient channels and processes. We have local support available to consult with your business to ensure that you get the best out of  outsourcing. We also have a range of professionals that we have worked with and recommend for IT Consulting, Sales and Marketing and Corporate Advisory.