This is the essential solution for all sales managers who are frustrated due to poor CRM entry by their sales team. CRM data is one of the most important pieces of information for a sales company, yet many sales people continue to think that it’s okay to keep this valuable information in their heads.


· Ensures that meeting and appointment details undertaken by sales people are accurately recorded for future sales opportunities
· Creation of a standard script to ensure all sales meeting information is meaningful and useful to the company (reporting/risk mitigation)
· Transcribed with accuracy and entered in CRM at the soonest possible time to enable immediate reporting
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· Removes low payoff data entry work from sales people and allows them to optimise their time with more face to face sales meetings.
· Improves existing meeting details and sales conversions
· Provides clear understanding of sales people’s workload
· Allows Sales Managers to coach sales teams based on accurate and timely information
· Provides better visibility of sales pipeline

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