For many businesses servicing instrumentation or equipment post the sale is the most profitable element of the transaction, yet many companies let this slide due to poor systems and follow up process. Wint and Kidd’s Maintenance Multiplier program is the essential tool to maximise service revenue.

· System are reviewed, and a well-considered plan is put in place to ensure maximum customer response.
· Service and maintenance reminders are undertaken with a combination of email and phone calls before and after service due dates to build the relationship between the service provider and customers.
· Monthly reports are provided to understand activity and to allow tracking of retention rates
· CRM or call logs may be entered in to the client’s system for customer portals
· Upsell new equipment when servicing is cost prohibitive.
· Managing and updating the customer database to ensure correct contacts are receiving the reminder notices
contract management service wk


· Grow service revenue
· Upsell new product and services
· Enhanced customer service and satisfaction
· Outsource the administrative work so the team can concentrate on turning screws perhaps use dots rather than numbers above

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