Are you fast enough?

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Time is the main element that makes any technology relevant: the faster, the better. It's the motivation behind all advancements in history - the ability to do things faster and with ease.

Today, more than ever, the allocation of time and technology can make or break a business. Whether its a software developed for your own company or for clients, this one question remains - is your company doing it fast enough?

softwrae development melbourne
softwrae development melbourne


WK Software Development


Agile methodology is one of the key elements in speeding up software development today. It decreases the down time for each development team which increases productivity and efficiency in the process.


WK Software Development Outsourcing is your best ally in successfully executing agile methodologies that efficiently produce software products with the least amount of time. We heavily invest in facilities, equipment and technology along with carefully selected skilled developers and testers who are encouraged to employ latest technologies and techniques throughout the entire building process. These factors have been key components in revolutionising the software development unit of our clients. Aside from helping our clients create a solid software development unit, we have also witnessed how an efficient outsourced team have helped an entire business by creating an outstanding software developement process that is adopted by overseas counterparts and utilised by the entire organisation. In addition to our outsourcing process, our developers are highly competent in their field yet they possess the right character and work ethics. We also take advantage of every chance to support them.


We care for our developers by continuously investing in relevant technology, reliable infrastructure as well as facilities that enrich their talent and skills. WK software developers thrive in a friendly and creative environment that empowers their commitment to build exciting and innovative products that add value to our clients' business.


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Is your software  doing what it's supposed to


Software Testing

At first glance, an impressive software interface can look absolutely perfect. And yet it can also have the most undesirable bugs that are invisible to the untrained eye.  There are numerous instances where the lack of reliable testers cause losses in time and budget.   Without expert testers,  errors are discovered when the app is already deployed which accounts for delays in operations or worse, practically repeating the entire development process.

Any software can be amazing in theory but its functions and usability can only be determined efficiently by expert software testers.

Wint and Kidd Software Tester


WK Software Testing


The Wint and Kidd Software Testing team are encouraged to utilise critical thinking in testing software functionalities. We search for testers who are knowledgeable in Scrum framework and agile methodology. These skills along with WK facilities and outstanding support from our human resource department helped them develop a testing process that yields optimum results for our client's entire software testing unit. In fact, our outsourcing process  for the testing team  has helped speed up our client's entire software development production by 100% which enabled them to acquire 3 more projects in just a few months.


In addition to providing the best facilities, equipment, work environment, and our HR support, we encourage our testing team to maintain a fun and creative work atmosphere. They have an admirable level of camaraderie that reinforces the entire unit's teamwork and cooperation in accomplishing common project goals.


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IT's what you need when you need IT


IT Helpdesk

Most IT help desk systems fail because of rampant dependence on outdated manuals.  Although other help desk reps undergo training, they lack the knowledge and basic concept of the dynamics of information technology.  We've seen numerous occasions where IT help desk reps use intimidating technical terms to avoid further questions. And we know that the use of technical words do not solve technical problems at all.

The 'YES' and 'NO' in IT can be easily read and understood but the 'IFs' need an ample amount of exposure, practice and deep learning.

IT Helpdesk Melbourne by Wint and Kidd


WK IT Helpdesk


There are only few companies today that has an IT help desk personnel currently taking up master's degree in information technology. And one of those companies is Wint and Kidd. That's the kind of expertise our IT help desk team has. They are highly knowledgeable in desktops, network systems, servers and various product specific software. Best of all, you can reach our IT help desk team no matter where you are. 


Aside from their reliability and strong IT background, each team member has the drive to excel and grow in the field of Information Technology. After taking numerous seminars and training, a number of them are successfully fulfilling their new roles as software testers and developers. 


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